Online Navratri Gifts Ideas 2023

India is a country with traditions, culture, and festivals. Navratri is among one such important festivals celebrated everywhere in India in a grand way. This festival is meant to worship Goddess Durga. The term “Navratri” actually means a festival of  “Nine Nights” in the Sanskrit language. However, this festival is very much significant for the people in West Bengal and as well as Gujarat where people celebrates it with Garba and as well as Dandiya dance. Another form of celebrating Navratri is by gifting happiness to your close ones. Yes! A gift is a form of giving happiness to the people you love. Here are some great navratri gift items that you can consider to gift your loved ones.

Top 7 Online Navratri Gifts Ideas

Here we have listed down some of the best Navratri gift ideas which you can opt for.

#1. God Idol:

If you are gifting someone special, then what can be better than a God idol as the navratri special gift? Yes! Lord Ganesha is obviously favorite of all and you can use this gift in different ways.

#2. Festival Lamps:

Festivals are all about lights and glow. So why not gift festival lamps to your loved ones. Ask your friend or relative to decorate the house with traditional lamps to give Navratri a traditional touch.

#3. Home Decorating Lights:

Navratri is always an occasion where we all love to decorate the house with candles and lamps. Nothing can be better than gifting someone Home decorating lights during the Navratri. 

#4. Copper Pooja Spoon and Lota:

One of the best Navratri gifts is Copper Pooja Spoon and Lota apart from that you can always gift navratri gift bags. But the spoon and lots can be a traditional touch to the festival connecting to the God directly.

#5. Traditional wooden Coasters:

Nowadays, people like to have their coffee or tea in the dining table. So coasters in those cases can be a wonderful gift. In case if you think that this can help any of your friends, then you can choose wooden coasters as a gift for Navratri.

#6. Designer Rangoli:

Designer Rangoli is a great option as Navratri gift. Rangoli is a traditional thing and this designer one comes with 9 pies and you can create designs according to your wish.

#7. Pooja Thali:

Return gifts are always a great thing and what can be more special than Pooja Thali as navratri return gifts? Well! If you are gifting someone who is a spiritual person, then Pooja Thali is a great thing on Navratri. This is a plate that comes with thilak boxes along with Kumkum in a designed way.


Navratri is an occasion to celebrate and spread the love. Women all over the country love to celebrate this festival and if you want to make it even more special for them, then don’t miss the chance of gifting them. With the above top 10 best Navratri gifts ideas you can surely make them happier. If you have more such gift ideas, then don’t forget to share it with us below in the comment section.

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