What is Roadside Assistance and What is Included in an RSA Cover

Roadside assistance, also known as breakdown protection, is an add-on that you may include in your comprehensive car insurance or two-wheeler insurance policy to aid you in times when you want roadside assistance, also known as assistance while you’re stalled on the road.

A 24×7 roadside assistance policy may aid you in times of need, whether it’s a little incident or a flat tire, without even listing it as a claim.

How does a Roadside assistance policy function?

In Houston, when you’ve previously chosen a Roadside assistance policy in a car or bike insurance plan, using the Roadside Assistance cover in an emergency is simple!

The Roadside Assistance insurance policy includes 24×7 help as well as convenience and labor charges. The service provider companies mostly serve you up to 500 kilometers away from your city (unlike others covering only 100 km)

What is Included in an RSA Cover – Let’s Get Specific

Here you will get a fair idea of what services are included in a good RSA plan.

A dead battery

This is for when your automobile or two-wheeler won’t start owing to a problem with the battery. In this situation, your RSA coverage will cover you, including all labor and transportation charges.

Spare key

Whether you like it or not, individuals misplace their vehicle keys more frequently than they think! When you’re trapped in the middle of nowhere without your keys, your roadside assistance coverage will arrange for pickup and delivery of your spare keys or, in the meantime, help unlock your car with the help of professionals.

Flat tire

Many people have had a flat tire at some point of time! If you are trapped with your car due to a flat tire and have nowhere else to turn for assistance, your Roadside Assistance coverage will come in handy by arranging for the appropriate specialists to replace and assist you with a spare tire.

Minor Fixes

Sometimes things happen and you’re left wondering why your vehicle or motorcycle won’t start! In such tragic situations, your Roadside Assistance may be able to assist you by delivering the necessary repairs at the time of need.

Towing Service

In Houston, if your car cannot be fixed on the spot and must be towed to a workshop or garage for service, your roadside assistance coverage will aid you by providing you with the necessary Towing Facility.

Relay an Urgent Message to Relatives

In the sad event that you need to send an urgent message to your family about the situation, they will do it!

Coordination of Medical Services

In the unfortunate event that not only your vehicle but also you, become involved in an accident while traveling, your Roadside Assistance coverage will assist in communicating with the nearest medical center to ensure that your medical needs are met.

Assistance with Fuel

It can happen to anyone! Your gasoline tank is already empty before you realize it! In such instances, your insurance will assist you by arranging for up to 5 liters of gasoline to be delivered to the spot where you are stopped!

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