Advantages and Disadvantages of Poultry Farming

If you are thinking of doing a start-up business, without much hassle or capital then you can start a poultry business. Many assume that the poultry business might be challenging to do but it actually has several advantages. The demand for Hereford cow or broiler chicken in the USA is unimaginable. The demand always surpasses the needs. So if you decide to get into this business you will be profitable.

Poultry farming is quite profitable in the sense that it gives a good return for the money invested, the time and energy spent on it, and the labor used. Some of the benefits brought by poultry farming:

  • It requires less capital investment than raising other animals. It only requires approximately Rs 10,000/- on fixed capital and raises about 100 chickens. This means that small, marginal farmers and even agriculturists can start farming on a small scale.
  • While chickens usually start laying eggs between 8-10 weeks, broilers can be sold after 6 weeks, at which point they will reach 1.25 kg.
  • The intergenerational gap is very small and therefore yields can be increased prodigiously in a short period of time. The feed consumption of broiler chickens is relatively very low while it produces the maximum amount of feed for us.
  • Poultry has the ability to use a large number of by-products such as bran, and low-grade grains, for feeding the animals thus saving the cost of the poultry owner.
  • Poultry production is a constant source of income. It is not seasonal and can generate income for the whole year. While chickens lay eggs in 6-8 months, broilers only take 6-10 weeks to generate income. Meat, eggs, feathers, and manure from chickens and broilers are all marketable and generate income.
  • Small-scale poultry production requires minimal space and can be kept even in the backyards of houses. Poultry production requires very little water for drinking and washing. One liter of water is enough for 5 birds per day.  Poultry manure is rich in nitrogen and organic matter, so it is considered a valuable fertilizer. Bird feathers are also used to make pillows, new furniture, and jewelry.
  • Poultry offers good opportunities for full-time or part-time employment for farmers.  Poultry owners usually put out products such as article broiler chickens for sale and Hereford cow for sale as they are high in demand for their nutritious level and tastiness. Of all the edible meats, chicken has the lowest fat content. It can also be cooked in its own fat and doesn’t need anything from the outside. Poultry meat contains more protein and essential amino acids than other meats and is relatively low in cholesterol.

Thus you can see the numerous advantages that a poultry business can provide without much-investing capital and one can open a poultry farm if they have a backyard in their house or rent a place at a very low cost as the maintenance for poultry animals is not very high.

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