EDDM Postcard Printing: A Few Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

There are various kinds of printed tools that you can avail of for running successful marketing campaigns. From brochures and business cards to flyers and banners, you can avail of them to create a buzz in the market.

Whether you are launching a store or adding more products to your line, people must know about it. They should also know about your success story, future goals, and whether you want to expand your business and foray into new sectors, etc. This can only be done through printed mediums.

This apart, printed mediums have that personal touch and feel option about them that makes them so much special.

In this blog, I will talk to you about how to make it look special and stand out in the crowd. You have to ensure that even if a recipient gets multiple postcards, he or she will open yours because yours stand out in a stack of postcards.

How is it possible? How to run a successful eddm campaign? Well, by creating the most compelling designs. For that, you can get in touch with an in-house designer or talk to your chosen print shop. The print shop will guide you with the same. 

You can go for a tri-fold tabbed mailer, half-fold tabbed mailer, half-fold direct mail brochure, etc. As long as you have the goals in your mind, you will be able to run the campaign easily. Now here comes the main question, how to design the best EDDM postcard?

As per Household Study, 81% of recipients go through their mails daily. So if you are targeting the right postal and the right audience, half the job is done.

You should concentrate on the right content and the right artwork. This is also apt for direct mail brochure.

Headline: Start the postcard with an engaging, compelling, and simple statement. Do not use wordy sentences because the onlookers will not give so much time to reading the postcards.

Message: Talk about your products and services. Establish the fat that people must choose you over your competition. Are you sending the mailer because you are opening a new store? Or are you sending it to create a buzz in the market? Make sure that the message comes across. Also, while designing the postcard, keep the target audience in mind.

Use coupon or discount code: People always love a good deal. This is why you should include attractive coupons, discounts, etc. so that customers keep you in mind. Also, make sure that the coupon expires within a few days so that the conversion rate is higher as soon as they receive the product. It will also make tracking the return on investment easier.

Call to action: Call to action is critical and it might sound to be a very simple thing but you must keep it in mind. Do not forget to mention the contact information in direct mail brochure printing too.

Visually compelling photos: You need to include attention-grabbing, attractive photos. The images should be simple. You should get high-resolution images and include them in the postcard.

Logo: Do not forget to mention your logo to establish brand recognition with eddm postcard printing.

White space: Most people often forget the importance of white space. But I cannot help but mention it again and again because you need to keep the message simple and include white space. Do not clutter the postcard with too much information. If people want to know about your business, they always have your website link for that.

So these are a few ways in which you can make sure that your eddm postcards stand out.

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