Play store and App store: A head-to-head comparison

Play store of Android and App store from apple’s iPhone, As a mobile app user, one might consider the Google Play store and Apple App store as more or less similar entities despite certain differences between the two.

These differences and a constant debate of “which app store does better than the other?” has compelled me to juxtapose two big application markets to see what has to be expected from each of these as a user or as a developer. Since both of these were launched in 2008 and have gained massive growth across the globe providing millions of applications to be downloaded for their customers, as a regular customer obviously I would go for the one which offers good quality and is pocket friendly and as a developer I would choose the one with better remuneration package, So let’s make our own opinions and place valid arguments on which application store is to be preferred over the other by making a quick comparison of both.

User’s perspective of the App

Although iOS and iPhone provide users a fine quality of apps within a friendly budget which is definitely an advantage, what users look for is a free app available to enjoy, as spending even a little amount of money is likely to be a downside for any app. Google Play store in this regard serves the purpose and provides a great number of free apps for its customers and if buying free apps is your type you must be interested in sales and especially sales on Phones.

Quantity vs Quality of apps

As we know quantity may compromise the quality of any product and the same goes with the apps too. It has been documented that Google play store spends less than two hours processing and approving any app to be available for its users thus compromising the quality of the app in one way or another.

Whereas, the Apple App store may take up to 48 hours for the same process to ensure quality applications for its users

Number of Apps on Play store vs App store

Google play store stands as the largest app store with 3.3 million Android apps during the first quarter of 2022 and the Apple App store with 2.11 million apps during the first quarter of 2022 makes second largest app industry in the market

Good news for developers

When it comes to monetization a profound difference is there as revenue generated by Apple applications is significantly much more, owing to the fact that iOS users download paid apps a lot more than the Play store users which is good news for the App developers without a doubt.

Search queries are best answered by which?

By using keywords and even phrases the Play store finds not only descriptions of the required apps but also find the most closely related apps similar to your query. Whereas the App store finds particularly those keywords that the App developers enter during the process of entry in the keyword section, that is why your query must have that keyword for the app you desire for.

App store optimization

“App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving app visibility in the app stores, increasing app conversion rates, and getting more downloads.”

If I am an app developer I will definitely choose Google play store for Android app optimization like most developers do to put their app in front of the right users which is an effective marketing strategy, this difference between these two app stores may be attributed to the “review process” which we have already talked about is a pretty late process in App store and many other features of both the app stores that are highly debatable


Now the inference we can make by this comparison between these gigantic names of the app industry with immense customer pools and fine developers is that Google on one hand holds a massive mobile devices industry and Apple, on the other hand, offers more monetization benefits for developers. Therefore, both of them have many plus and minus points and neither has to be declared more user-friendly, safe, and hence the “preferred one” from a user or a developer’s perspective. The debate is never ending and it continues unless we find our answers however if you want to buy iPhone on sale you can visit experimax near you.

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