6 Ways to Attractively Design Your Hallway

A hallway is the first saying that your guest sees when they arrive so it sets the overall tone for the rest of your house.

Just because the halls do not consider a room it does not mean that it should be neglected. While being functional and welcoming the hallway always sounds like a tall order that a lot of homeowners tend to ignore completely. Draw a visitor’s eye to your well-styled hallway, leaving them eager to share your space with you. 

It does not matter whether you live in a city apartment or a suburb, there is always something you can do to spice up your space. Because the hallway is already a small space so it does not take a lot of time to spruce it up. You can create a space that speaks to your design ability while being functional and welcoming. You can do this by bringing beautiful furniture from five-star furniture in Houston. However, there are plenty of ways to create a pretty pathway by incorporating your personality sense.

Table of content

  1. Choose a neutral color palette
  2. Bring a console table
  3. Add rugs and enjoy its benefits
  4. Incorporate large prints to enlarge the space
  5. Lighten up your hallway
  6. Add mirrors at the entrance

Choose a neutral color palette

When planning about designing your hallways, you can start by pondering on the walls. Think about what color should be the best to paint the walls of your hallway. However, a neutral color scheme will always be the best choice with various shades of white. This provides a beautiful light color and face to get the most out of any natural light sources. If you are lucky enough to have a window make sure to use it wisely stop

Bring a console table

A console table is an item of furniture that is a perfect element to bring into your hallway. Five-star furniture in Houston provides a beautiful console table that can be Incorporated into your hallway. Sometimes only a single piece of furniture creates a beautiful impact. Try to bring a multifunctional console table that can solve the majority of your hallway problems. It can be used to put your table lamps and display accessories such as hats, gloves, and scarves.

Add rugs and enjoy its benefits

Rugs always come with plenty of benefits. If you have long and narrow it always really feels homely. However, a runner rug in your hallway can draw beautiful visual impacts together with furniture such as a console table. It is always best to choose a rack with a design that will capture visitors’ attention stop from a variety of designs there are geometric prints, distressed textures, and even colorful blog rugs.

Incorporate large prints to enlarge the space

Certainly, large friends can enlarge a space. Rather than making a room appear smaller, There are several large pieces of wall art that can actually help to make a narrow space look wider and bigger. You can incorporate multiple pieces of artwork that tend to make your room feel brighter and in large sister simply pick one large Canvas and hang it above your console table. Make sure to opt for the beautiful scenery of landscape, seascape,  funky portrait artistic animal, or an eye-catching abstract.

Lighten up your hallway

Lights are always one of the most considerable items when designing any space. to brighten a dark and narrow hallway. Arranging the light fixtures is a perfect idea. The first and four most is to allow natural light to come into your space. Having a simple and un-textured glass will also solve a lot of light problems. if natural light is nonexistent in your space instead look into table lamps and hanging light pictures for a dose of illumination.

Add mirrors at the entrance

Having a mirror at your entrance is extremely beneficial. It can make a space appear to be more specific by reflecting the light and broadening the field of the space. You can place a mirror opposite a window or a clear panel front door. This can reflect natural light during the day. And at night it can be extremely beneficial to reflect the artist’s official light and create beautiful wall art.  Consider a full-length mirror if you wish to keep your wall art above the console table.  take a moment and you can reach the perfect place to hang your wall mirror in your hallway. 


The hallway of every house has great design potential. All you need to learn is how to style your small space with the maximum advantage and functionality. Choose the color palette wisely and incorporate several design elements to make your space look welcoming. Whether it’s a long and narrow or smaller and white space you can always impress your visitors when they first and to her home.

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