Paving Repairs


When it comes to paving repairs, there are various techniques to consider. These include surface patching and finishing, texturing, as well as infrared repair. Find out more about paving installers adelaide.

Surface patching

Surface patching is an economical solution to minor cracks, divots and drainage issues. It does not address the underlying problems. Asphalt removal and replacement is recommended for more extensive repairs.

Surface patching is the process of replacing damaged areas with hot mix asphalt. This is a temporary fix and should not be considered permanent.

Infrared patching is another alternative for asphalt repairs. This heats asphalt to make it pliable and allows the asphalt to blend in with the newer asphalt.

Another temporary solution for small potholes is cold patch. It is applied quickly and easily. The cold patch must be sealed to ensure a permanent result. When the patch is not properly sealed, it will dry and become brittle.

Potholes that reach deep into asphalt structures should be patched in full depth. Full-depth patching requires at least one foot of excavation. You will need a backfill and a tackcoat.


There are many different methods for repaving your driveway. It is crucial to use the right tools for the job. A vibrating plate compactor is ideal for paving.

First, inspect the area for flaws. Seal any cracks. A magnesium float can be used to tamp down any cracks. Sealing should be done every 3-4 weeks.

It is a good idea, when considering a remove-and-replace paving repair, to consider the cost for replacement. Restoring pavers is less expensive than replacing them.

A contractor who is meticulous will get the best results. Make sure you know what you are getting before you sign on the dotted line. This will prevent you from being surprised by overpriced work.

You should be aware of areas that are prone to flooding if you plan on repaving your home. Take pictures of the area to help you decide where to begin.

Infrared repair

Infrared paving repair is a fast, easy, and environmentally friendly way to fix a variety of pavement problems. It uses recycled asphalt to create an attractive repair that doesn’t leave behind cold seams or saw cuts.

Infrared technology is able to be used year-round, unlike traditional paving repair methods. This makes it an ideal solution for potholes, heaving pavement, and rough surfaces in drive lanes. The technology can also be used to repair catch basins and utility holes as well as to prevent deterioration around parking areas.

This involves heating the affected area for five to ten minutes. The heat causes the surface to become softened. The asphalt layer is then added. Both the old and new material are blended together to create a seamless patch.

While infrared paving repair is not cheap, the cost is more than compensated by the short amount of downtime it requires. You’ll be able to drive on your repaired pavement in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.

Finishing and texturing

Texturing and finishing paving repairs are an important part in the PCC construction process. The pavement texture provides friction, skid resistance and noise reduction. It also contributes towards the smoothness of the pavement. Texturing can be done either longitudinally or transversely.

Texturing can be a mechanical procedure, or can be performed on the surface of the pavement with a vibratory screed. If a vibratory screed is used, the surface of the repair should match the surrounding surface.

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If a vibratory screed is being used to texture the surface it is recommended to use a 3-m straightedge. The repair surface should be parallel to the slab adjacent. This will prevent small scallops from appearing at the edge of your slab.

Texturing can be a tedious and frustrating process. Care must be taken to maintain a consistent delivery and finish. During the early testing phase, contractors should ensure that the tolerances are met.

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