Ultimate Checklist to Flying Private: What You Must Know!


For most of us, luxurious air travel doesn’t go beyond business class as private flying wouldn’t even cross our minds. Yet, one of the best parts of flying private is that we may ditch a lot of inconveniences like baggage queues and security checks. Private jets let you enjoy “flying” in the true sense, considering all the extravagant features and amenities. 

Presently, many private aircraft charter companies in Dubai promise an unforgettable experience. Thus, finding a reliable aircraft agency would be easy. However, you must also play your part by doing your due diligence to avoid mishaps or onboard errors. 

Although it may be intimidating, knowing how to prepare for your first private flight is crucial. This guide is about preparing for a private jet before chartering one. So, keep on reading. 

  • Do Your Homework 

As with every service, we suggest making thorough research before implementing it practically. Not only does it bring clarity to your decision, but it also ensures safety. In this case, we advise you to do your due diligence about your chosen aircraft agency. 

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Start reading online customer reviews and scan social media for any red flags. You’ll get some deep insights just with these two tools. Moreover, you can also survey the market to get reassurance. 

Once you’ve shortlisted your options, requesting at least three quotes from various companies for the travel is wise. It’ll make you compare the services and whether they align with your budget. 

  • Plan Ahead 

Private aviation is reputed for the delightful blend of flexibility mixed with feasibility. You must avoid any last-minute requests to enjoy better facilities at reasonable rates. 

Remember that private flights will accommodate all your wishes as long as you’re prompt. Notify the agency beforehand, whether it’s about cuisine, seating arrangement, or interiors! 

Such an act adds pleasure to your travel and keeps everything in place that you may need along the way.

  • Arrive On Time 

Since there’re no steps from arriving at the airport to settling on the plane, it saves you from endless security checks. Even if you don’t need to arrive hours before the flight, the beauty of private flying lies within its simplicity.

That’s why you must arrive 30 minutes before the flight’s departure, giving the crew enough time to make last-minute preparations. 

Of course, there’re situations none of us can control. So, if you’re running out of time, acknowledge the agency.

  • Pack Limited Luggage 

Everything seems impressive in moderation, and you must follow the same concept when packing your belongings for a private jet. 

Although there’s no baggage restriction, keep it moderate for your own sake. After all, carrying 20 kg as an individual would be challenging.  

Some private jets are smaller, so they’re more likely to give you a weight estimate. Therefore, you must make it clear when booking a flight with an aircraft agency. 

  • Check Flight Itinerary 

Next, you need to hold to the important information about the flight.   

Since there’s no checking in at the terminal like on commercial flights, you’ll be given the instructions for private flyers. It’s good to get familiar with your itinerary ahead of time to know your next move.

As a first-timer, you must act smartly by following instructions while maintaining your composure. It’ll also keep you in the loop with the pilot and the crew.

  • Keep Your ID 

While you can outpace the traditional airport security queues, having your legal documentation with you is still wise. There’re instances when we need to prove our identity, especially when flying internationally. 

When charter flights from Dubai to London, the customs agents will visit you onboard to confirm your identity. In the case of travelling locally, being backed up with proper documentation keeps your mind at peace. 

Therefore, you must tag your passport and identification card for emergencies. 

The Takeaway!

There’s no denying that private flying has zero worries, but you’re still expected to stay aware of the processing. You may be a hassle at first, but eventually, you’ll complete all the steps effortlessly. Ensure that the charter agency you’ve chosen serves the highest aviation standards. In this way, you can do your part by preparing a bucket list and letting the agency take over the rest.

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