Tips for saving dying lucky bamboo plants

Lucky Bamboo plant

Everyone wants a little luck in their life or home or their workplace. This is why keeping a lucky bamboo plant is so popular worldwide. It becomes all the more significant if you are following a good feng shui for the betterment of your life. But just having this beautiful potted plant in your room is not enough, you need to take proper care of it. Though this plant is very robust and can grow in almost all climates and conditions, for it to be really lucky, you need to make sure it is healthy and growing well. So, here are some important tips for making sure that your lucky bamboo plant doesn’t die.

But first,

What is a lucky bamboo plant and why is it considered lucky?

This plant is one of the most popular house plants, and though it is named bamboo, it actually is closer to asparagus and not bamboo. Popular in China, Taiwan, and other places where feng shui is popular, this plant can come in two stalks, or more, with 21 being the maximum. Each number of stalks has a different connotation like two stalks represent love, six stalks symbolized prosperity, and so on. When placed in the right direction, the lucky bamboo plant can increase the positive flow in your room. It represents the wood element and is most often tied with a red ribbon which symbolizes the fire element. So, by having these two elements, your plant can bring balance and safety to your household or wherever it is placed.

Now let’s see the top tips on making sure your lucky bamboo plant doesn’t die

  1. Water the plant correctly. Most often people either forget to water their lucky bamboo or overwater it. In both cases, the result is the death of the plant. So, before you water the plant, check the soil of the container it is placed in. It should be dry and not moist before you water it. Another important tip in this regard is what kind of water you are using. Most tap water contains chemicals, especially chlorine which can be harmful to your plant. But that does not mean you buy water specifically for your plant; just let the tap water sit for some hour (preferably overnight) and it will be safe for your plant as the chlorine will evaporate.
  2. A great thing about this popular house plant is that it can grow in most temperatures. However, placing them in a place that gets too hot or too cold will be detrimental to their growth. Hence place it in an area that doesn’t have too much heat (like in front of a radiator or windows if you live in a hot climate) or too cold (like directly under your AC). If you can give it a moderate temperature, it will grow perfectly well.
  3. The third tip is regarding sunlight. Again, this plant doesn’t need too much sunlight to grow but if you leave it near the window with too much sunlight, that will make the plant die. Hence the spot you choose must have moderate sunlight and that too indirect sunlight.
  4. Like any plant, your lucky bamboo plant is also prone to pests and bugs. Mealybugs are a common pest that can harm your plant. To get rid of it, you don’t need pesticides or other harmful chemicals; simple rubbing alcohol will help your plant get rid of this bug. Another threat comes from fungus and for that, you will need a fungicide. Other pests include mites which can easily be removed with dish detergent and plain water.
  5. If you see your plants not growing well despite putting them in optimal condition, then your plant needs fertilizer. If you have kept your plants in water, add liquid fertilizer. If you have them in the soil as most people do, then add soil fertilizer. You can also add liquid fertilizer but in both cases, don’t go overboard with it. Just a little fertilizer is enough for your plants to grow healthy and not die.
  6. Your pets can also be a threat to your lucky bamboo plant. And that is not only harmful to your plant but bad for your pet as well as this plant is highly toxic to some animals, especially cats. So keep them in a place where your pets can’t reach.

A lucky bamboo plant is a great addition to your home. Follow these simple tips and see it grow beautifully bringing prosperity to your home and your life.

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