Top 11 Ways to Get a Job in Dubai


Getting a job in Dubai is everyone’s dream nowadays. Some to live a luxurious lifestyle, some to earn higher salaries, some to live in a city that has no two similar days, the city of the longest, deepest, highest everything. 

So, if you’re one of those who always dream of getting a job in Dubai, whatever your reasons and whatever you’re looking for, whether:

Data entry jobs in Dubai,

Driving jobs in Dubai,

Freelance jobs in Dubai

or other opportunities,

this article is written for you!

Top 11 Ways to Get A Job in Dubai:

  • Study the Emirati Job Market

Although it is the city of opportunities, Dubai is saturated with seasoned professionals from every part of the world who live and work in Dubai. 

So, before relocating, you have to understand that you’ll face a fiercely competitive job market, especially after implementing the new Emiratisation policies that direct companies to hire emiratis with a percentage of 50% of their total employees.

You also have to study your industry-related market to know your market worth, benefits, compensations, and responsibilities. 

These details will help you shine among others since you are informed of how things are going. 

 Studying the job market can assist you in determining what are the high-demand jobs in Dubai, building a solid network, and making deliberate decisions based on market realities.

Essential Requirements to Get A Job in Dubai:

You must have a valid passport, be between 18 and 60 years old, and be medically competent to enter the country.

The governments arrange for HIV, TB, hepatitis, and other infectious illness tests. If you were infected, you would not be permitted to enter or work in Dubai. 

You must also have your degrees and certificates authenticated by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and your home country. 

The type of visa required to enter Dubai is determined by your country, the purpose of your visit, and the length of your stay. As a result, be prepared to finish all documentation and requirements. Inquire about all of the restrictions and strictly adhere to them. Understand the legal ramifications of your job hunt and plan appropriately.

  • Look for Jobs in Dubai Physically

Gone are those days of receiving a job offer while being in your country. Dubai’s employment market is currently brimming with qualified candidates, whether they come on a visit visa or are already residents of the city searching for new jobs to advance their careers. So, who will consider recruiting a distant applicant whose hiring will take months?

It’s not just time but also money. Hiring a candidate from outside the nation would result in a higher salary, visa and air tickets, and other perks, which contradicts the organization’s cost-cutting ambitions.

So, you have to look for jobs in Dubai while in the country to be ready to go through the new recruitment approaches of being selected based on the ATS filtrations and attend walk-in interviews and job auditions so you can increase your odds of getting your opportunity. 

  • Visit Dubai at The Right Time

It’s not about taking the decision and moving only. It would help if you found the perfect time to move so you can quickly get a job in Dubai. According to real experiences, the best months to visit Dubai and hunt for work are February, March, April, September, October, and November.

During these months, temperature and humidity drop, so it will not be difficult for you to move from door to door to deliver your resume and know about the job vacancies. 

Also, avoid the holidays when recruiters want to rest and unwind from their stressful daily days: Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, and Christmas/New Year.

Arriving on time would greatly assist you in your job search in Dubai.

  • Avoid Looking for Jobs in One Place Only

Sticking to one platform or method of applying for jobs in Dubai will cost you the job. It would help if you took the plunge to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

So, you should apply for positions on job portals (such as, professional networks (such as LinkedIn), social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), and career sections on organizations’ official websites as well. 

List your objectives. 10 organizations you know that recruit people with your skills and turn on job alerts on all of their platforms, edit your résumé for each position, write a professional cover letter, and submit your application. More effort is always rewarded.

  • Detect Fake Recruiters & Spam Job Offers

With the growing number of internet users and the availability of job postings to everyone, you may become a victim of job portal scammers and fraudulent job offers.

You must be extremely cautious when looking for a job in Dubai through recruitment firms or job websites. Hundreds of agencies/portals started their business to defraud despairing individuals, whether jobless or working. 

Remember that reliable employers will not ask for any money, whether as a registration fee or recruitment fee and will have a good reputation in the market. 

You can know more about the company and its reliability by reading its online reviews, connecting with its employees on LinkedIn, and contacting them to collect more details about the company’s culture and environment, for example. 

Here’re complete guides on how to avoid job scams:

Fake Recruiters! 6 Ways to Spot Them Online

  • Apply for Jobs Strategically

Working in Dubai is different! You must study each step and prepare well for the process. Within this preparation process, you have to decide which jobs you’ll apply for and how you’ll apply for them.

So, avoid applying randomly for positions!

Do you envision getting an interview call for a content writing job while applying for an accounting position? No!

So, before applying for any work, thoroughly study the job description to see whether it matches your credentials. After ensuring you fulfill the qualifications for the position, check the salary and benefits to ensure that they meet your market standards, write an ATS-tailored resume and a professional cover letter, then apply for the position.

Here’re some quick tips to follow:

  • If you are looking for fresher jobs in Dubai, seek a CV writing services agency to ensure having a professional resume. 
  • Connect your professional LinkedIn profile to your résumé.
  • Prepare certified copies of all your documents. 
  • Attach a passport-sized photo and provide your contact information at the top of your resume.
  • Investigate wage trends in your field to be aware of the market standards. 

  • Utilize the Power of Social Media & Networking

Companies are now more interested in building a solid digital presence and look for candidates who can help them achieve this via strong personal social media accounts. So, your LinkedIn can be your gateway to getting a good job in Dubai if you can utilize it to your favor and build a solid professional network while looking for a job there. 

It is your opportunity to demonstrate your PR abilities. With time, references have grown increasingly vital in securing a job in Dubai. Some businesses do not advertise job openings in newspapers or on job search websites. They do, however, hire people based on suggestions for specific occupations.

So, learn to attract hiring managers to your abilities via a professional account with a professionally updated profile picture. Don’t forget to update your account content regularly to showcase that you are prominent and active on social media. 

Prioritize increasing the quality of your connections to streamline your journey of getting a job in Dubai. 

  • Reach Recruiters by All Available Means

Every recruiter receives hundreds, if not thousands, of CVswhile posting their vacancies, so only sending your job application email will not help you outstand while looking for a job in Dubai. 

Contact the recruiter personally over LinkedIn to strengthen your resume and set you apart from the competition.

  • Collect Recommendations

It comes into your favor when you get recommended by your coworkers or managers on LinkedIn since it helps your account beat the platform algorithms, appear first in the Hrs’ search for candidates, and validate your skills and experience. 

Connections have become increasingly vital in acquiring a job in Dubai over time. Companies now use job postings on the internet as a last resort after doing an internal search among their personnel or looking for candidates directly on LinkedIn. 

So, to acquire the most pleasing possibilities, you need to cultivate high-quality professional contacts.

  • Prepare for the Interviews

Many job applicants, particularly recent graduates, overlook the significance of interview preparation. Choosing the proper attire, practicing answering commonly asked interview questions, researching the organization, and getting ready to showcase how he is the best candidate is all part of that preparation.

Prepare to wow the interviewer with your smart appearance, distinctive qualifications, and dedicated personality.

  • Ensure Following Up

Follow-up emails are a significantly neglected process. If you want to stay on the recruiters’ radar all the time, you must follow up with every recruiter you meet to show your enthusiasm to get the job in their companies. 

It also helps you maintain a good impression, so the recruiter may call you for any further opportunities if you get rejected for a position.

To Wrap Things Up, 

Study Dubai’s job market and professionally tailor your CV and cover letter. Always keep track of the roles and firms you’ve contacted. Assess your progress regularly, and follow up with HRs if necessary. Exert much effort to create and seize opportunities as much as feasible. Go for the opportunity, don’t wait for it to come and knock on your doors.

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