Top 5 Countries Indians are Choosing to Immigrate

Indians are choosing to immigrate to different countries for several reasons. Earlier it was seen that Indians are immigrating to foreign countries for better jobs, salaries, better living conditions, education, political stability, and especially health care benefits.

Post-independence and the decade after, it came to light that millions of Indians have migrated to different foreign countries to avoid poverty, inequality, and unemployment. These foreign countries were offering better standards of living which attracted the Indians and the present generation now is moving abroad for grabbing all these opportunities.

Immigration today is not a very difficult process as there are many countries that are accepting Indians in their country and Indians can contact the best immigration consultant in India and smoothly apply for the immigration process in the country they want to settle and get through it without hassle. India has a number of such consulting companies which offer excellent services.

Let us look at the top 5 countries that Indians are choosing to migrate:

1.         Canada

Canada has a very long and interesting history of welcoming immigrants to its country. The United Nations referred to Canada as of the best countries to live in. Their IT sector is booming and millions are getting employed in this sector.

The country of Canada today has a pretty big population of Indians who have migrated and are living the life they have dreamt. Statistics tell us that Indians who have become permanent residents in Canada have doubled from 2016 to 2019. In 2021, it was noted, that Indians are a total of 1/3rd in the number of new residents in Canada.

2.         The United States of America

Whenever we think of the hustle culture, or a country where dreams do come true, we invariable think of the United States of America. The States have the most successful companies in the world which also leads to the generation of a great amount of wealth. In America, there is an amalgamation of different cultures and races and that makes Indians want to live in the United States of America. 

3.         Germany

Another very popular choice for immigration is Germany as it offers free education up to the university level. Apart from this, the crime rate is low and it offers an excellent standard of living.

4.         The United Arab Emirates

One of the major attractions in the United Arab Emirates that attract people all over the world to settle here is that you don’t have to pay taxes. It is considered to be one of the cheapest places to migrate to and everybody finds a job here. The country is known for its rich oil resources and provides employment to its citizens.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is now one of the most attractive countries to migrate to. Apart from the natural beauty of the country, it provides its migrants’ with job opportunities, better living conditions, good political stability, healthcare, and much more.

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Today Indians can very easily immigrate to any one of these countries or to any other country they prefer. The process is pretty simple and there is the best immigration consultant in Delhi who helps millions of Indians to migrate and settle in the country they choose.

Canada out of all of them is the most popular and let’s look a bit into detail about how you can obtain Canadian Residency.

Canadian Residency

For Canadian Residency, there are times when it takes a very long period for an immigrant to become a permanent resident in Canada.

Ways for an Indian to obtain Canadian Permanent Residence:

•           Express Entry

This process is for individuals who have at least one year of work experience. It is a very competitive test where the individuals will be ranked using the Comprehensive Ranking System to provide the applicant’s point-based scores.

•           Provincial Nominee Programs

Each province of all the thirteen provinces that Canada total has, consists of a unique system of the immigration process. E As each of the provinces has a different population and economy their immigration process is also different.

•           Family Sponsorships

If the candidate has a qualifying relative in Canada then they might be eligible for Family Class Sponsorship.

•           Study In Canada

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs had revealed that Indians are choosing Canada for higher studies over the United States because Canada offers a lot of opportunities to work as a student while studying. After completing the Canadian credential one also become eligible for permanent residency.

Thus you can see immigration is a very easy process today provided you visit the best immigration consultant in India and the process will be absolutely hassle-free. The best immigration consultant in Delhi makes sure you can immigrate to the desired country you want in a seamless way and help you achieve your dreams.

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