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Tips to Choose the Best Office Interior Wall Design

The interior walls of your office play a huge role in shaping the overall aesthetics and vibe of your workspace. With walls, you can completely transform the look and feel of a room. The right office interior wall design can boost productivity, encourage collaboration and make a strong impression on clients and visitors. However, with so many options available, deciding on the best wall design can be an overwhelming task. This article discusses some important tips to help you choose the perfect interior wall design for your office that matches your requirements and brand identity. We will also be referencing designs from Officebanao to provide real-world inspiration.

Consider your office theme and branding

The first step is to consider the overall creative office wall design and branding of your office. What message do you want to convey to customers and employees? Your wall design should align with and reinforce your company’s image, values and culture. For example, a tech startup may want modern and minimalist walls while a law firm may prefer traditional designs. Look at competitor offices and your company website for design cues. The walls are your biggest canvas to showcase your brand.

Choose complementary colours

Colours can heavily influence the mood and vibe of an office. They should be carefully selected based on the work environment you want to create. Warm colours like yellow and orange promote energy and motivation while cool colours like blue and green have a calming effect. Make sure to pick wall colours that complement your furniture, flooring, lighting and other interior elements. You can use the same or contrasting hues but ensure they blend well together. Officebanao’s designers can help you select the perfect wall colours. On their website, clicking on specific design styles shows the colour palettes used. This gives you real examples of how different hues come together harmoniously.

When choosing complementary colours, consider using colours opposite each other on the colour wheel. For example, red and green or blue and orange. These colour combinations create visual interest and make the space feel vibrant. However, use them sparingly as too much contrast can be overstimulating. Stick to similar tones of complementary colours or pair them with neutral shades like white, grey or wood tones. This will make the space feel cohesive while adding visual appeal. 

Consider functionality

In addition to aesthetics, wall design must also serve functional needs. For example, conference rooms may need an accent wall for an audio-visual display while private offices may require pin-up or writing surfaces. Similarly, areas like reception require interactive designs like feature walls or notice boards. Consult your floor plan and decide where you need functional elements like storage, displays or writing surfaces.

Officebanao’s designs are fully customized based on the client’s requirements. Spaces are zoned functionally with dedicated areas for collaboration, focus work etc. On their website, 3D rendered images and videos of executed projects clearly show the functional elements incorporated thoughtfully. Consider factors like lighting needs, furniture layout and workflow when deciding on functional wall features. Proper wall design can streamline operations and boost productivity by facilitating different work modes in an office.

Maximize natural light with the right finishes

The finish you choose for walls can significantly impact the amount of natural light in a space. Light colours like whites and greys make rooms feel airier while dark hues tend to swallow light. Textured or patterned walls also diffuse light better. Ensure walls allow even distribution of natural light throughout the day for a bright and cheerful environment. 

Officebanao uses light-reflecting wall finishes in many of their designs showcased on the website. This maximizes the entry of daylight improving indoor ambiance. Their designers can advise the best wall materials and textures for your office space. Opt for light, matte finishes on the main walls and consider adding reflective accents like mirrors, metallic paint or wallpaper to bounce natural light around the room. The right wall treatments can help reduce electricity costs by minimizing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours.

Consider maintenance and durability

Choose wall finishes and materials that are durable, easy to clean and maintain over time. Porous surfaces may harbour dirt and are difficult to sanitize. Similarly, delicate materials may get damaged easily. Office back wall design for office need to withstand daily wear and tear as well as occasional mishaps. Consult suppliers about the lifecycle costs of different options.

Officebanao uses premium, long-lasting materials that are stain and scratch resistant in their office fitouts. On their website, they provide details about the wall surfaces used in different design packages for their durability and easy upkeep qualities. Opt for resilient, non-porous surfaces that can be wiped clean. Also consider graffiti and stain resistance if the office environment is prone to accidents or mess. Low maintenance finishes save time and reduces long term expenses associated with frequent repairs and replacements.

Involve your team for feedback

Show mockups and material samples to your team to get early feedback. Different generations and personality types may prefer diverse designs. Understanding preferences will help create a space everyone enjoys. You can use interactive tools on the Officebanao website to get real-time inputs from remote teammates as well. Their designers also conduct on-site discussions.

Use walls to highlight your USPs

Feature walls allow you to visually communicate your unique selling points. For example, a software company may want to highlight technology used through digital wall art while a law firm can showcase case successes. Consider interactive displays, changeable artworks or accent panels to regularly refresh messaging. Officebanao’s portfolio includes offices with customized interactive walls highlighting client’s services and achievements. Their expert designers can incorporate the right interactive and digital elements matching your requirements.


Carefully consider your brand identity, functional needs, team preferences, budget and maintenance factors while selecting the best commercial office interior designer for your office. Use the Officebanao website for inspiration from their diverse portfolio of executed projects. Their expert designers can help visualize your requirements, recommend suitable materials, colours and provide on-time execution ensuring you get the perfect office interior wall design. Proper planning and the right design partner like Officebanao can help you create an office interior that boosts productivity and reflects your unique brand image through its walls.

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