Best Singapore nursery schools that offer class 2 admission and the fees that they charge in 2023

Let us look at the best-known Singapore nursery schools and the class 2 fees 2023.

1. Global Indian International School Singapore

Global Indian International School Singapore is one of the best-known K to 12 schools in the city-state of Singapore. It has a fabulous campus as well as some of the best nursery teachers anywhere. The toddlers who study at the school have access to the renowned Global Montessori Plus curriculum that gives them a great grounding in the world of early education. As regards, the school fees charged by them is $5090.04, excluding a one-time registration fee.

2. Canadian International School Singapore

Canadian International School Singapore opened a new kindergarten wing on its Lakeside campus. This comprises bright and spacious classrooms on the ground level as well as a spacious 2615 sq m Outdoor Discovery Center. The yearly fee that the school charges for pre-kindergarten to grade 3 is $33,950. For the nursery full-day programme the yearly fee is $25,450. When it comes to the facilities, care, and ambiance, there really are very few nursery schools in the region that come even close to what Canadian International School offers. No wonder it is such a favourite with the ex-pats. 

3. Eton House International, Singapore

Eton House International Singapore is one of the best-known international schools in Singapore providing a world-class k to 12 education to its students. Everything about the school from its infrastructure to its teaching faculty is out of the top drawer. The school is very highly regarded by both the ex-pat communities living in Singapore, as well as the local residents. As regards the monthly fee for nursery 1 to nursery 2 classes (2 to 4-year-olds), the monthly fee is $2,431.97 for a full five-day day programme and $2188.77 for a half 5-day programme. The fee for a full-time 5-day class 2  programme is $2,699. Eton House Singapore is the top choice for ex-pats wanting to send their children to a world-class international school. This is on account of the fact that they know that their children won’t get a better start than this in their academic life.

4. GEMS World Academy Singapore

GEMS World Academy Singapore is another one of the very famous K to 12 international schools in Singapore that are extremely popular with expats and locals alike. Everything from its campus to its teaching staff is absolutely world-class. It is hardly surprising that the school is the top choice for parents seeking to obtain admission for their children in grade 2. The school has the most welcoming and enabling environment for children that small, which makes a huge difference to the growth and development of very young children at the beginning of their academic lives. These students go on to do quite well in academics and extracurricular activities, on account of the fabulous early start they receive in the primary section of the school.


Not only does Singapore boast some of the best K to 12 schools in the world providing the best in terms of infrastructure and pedagogy, but it also has some of the best cultural ethos that a school-going child can be exposed to. The schools of Singapore are a brilliant amalgam of the best of Western education models combined with the discipline, sincerity, and diligence of the East. It is not for nothing that the students of Singapore’s many international schools have an outstanding record of achievement in their lives. The 21st century is getting shaped in the Asia Pacific region and Singapore is at the very heart of it. That puts the children who are currently studying in its many schools at a great advantage when compared with children going to school in other parts of the world.

Evidence of this can already be gathered by the fact that students who complete their education at these schools have an enviable track record in obtaining admission to some of the best institutions of higher learning around the world.

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