CSK’s Valuation ‘Whistle’ Past Other IPL Teams

The Indian Premier League started in 2008, and a year after that, Forbes published its first and only (until now) valuations of the league and its teams pegging the eight franchises at $67 million on average.

Today, with the league grown to $1.04 billion (at an annual growth of 24%), its most successful franchise Chennai Super Kings (CSK), that has won the tournament 4 times (in 2010, 2011, 2018, and 2021) and has the highest win percentage among all teams at an exceptional 58.91%, is the second most valuable franchise in the league. The India Cements owned franchise is currently valued at $1.15 billion.

CSK’s valuation has now reached Rs. 6,300 crores with a 25 percent year-on-year (YoY) rise in Chennai Super Kings share price from Rs. 125-130 in 2022 to Rs. 155-160 in 2023.

According to the experts, CSK was able to attract investors due to growing revenues from sponsorships, merchandise, and royalties.

CSK stock price before and after IPL

Chennai Super Kings stock prices rise before the IPL season begins and after it comes to an end, the stock sees subdued action, based on demand and supply. Demand and supply play a key role in determining the prices of unlisted shares in the short term.

CSK stock prices have either been stable or grown over the years. This is very uncharacteristic of any unlisted stock. The analogy here is very simple. Barring a few occasions, CSK has either won or finished in the top 4. This consistency has made the stock very attractive to investors in the unlisted market.

The investment in CSK unlisted shares is appealingkeeping in mind the strong and sustainable interest in cricket among the Indian audience, the solid CSK brand value,the limited number of teams in the IPL league, and strong investor support. Also, exceptfor CSK, no other shares of any IPL team are available in the market for investors to invest in.

With 30%of CSK Cricket Limited shares owned by India Cements Shareholders Trust, it is the largest shareholderfollowed by Sri Saradha Logistics Pvt Ltd (7%) and LIC owning 6% shareholding rights. The registered office of the company is situated at Dhun Building, 827, 3rd Floor, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Overview of CSK shares:

  • The Chennai Super Kings shares allotment was made to the shareholders of India Cements Limited (a listed company).
  • The CSK shares listing may happen in the future.
  • If listed it will be the first listed cricketing entity on BSE/NSE.
  • The unique value proposalbacked by a strong brand, huge fan base, higher entry barrier, and an ever-increasing viewership of the game has greatly benefited the share price of CSK.
  • Great range of merchandising products like board games,mobile cases, caps, bags, notebooks, laptop sleeves, printed cushions, etc. which are available and delivered to fans through the E-Commerce section of their website.
  • The viewership of cricket is unlikely to go down and the avenues of revenue are increasing every year.
  • From the current Chennai Super Kings share price levels, the company is poised to grow many folds and is likely to deliver superior CAGR returns to the esteemed Chennai Super Kings shareholders


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