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How to Choose a Colour for Tailored Suits

In the realm of tailored suits, color reigns supreme as the quintessential element that can propel your aesthetic to new heights or, conversely, leave you feeling underwhelmed. A discerning hue possesses the innate ability to elevate your confidence, exude a sophisticated aura, and seamlessly complement your personal style. However, an ill-fitting shade can inadvertently diminish your overall appearance. For those seeking the artisanal expertise of a renowned Phuket suit tailor or revered as the best tailor in Phuket, mastering the intricate art of color harmony is an indispensable endeavour. This comprehensive guide will serve as your sartorial compass, unveiling the pivotal considerations that will empower you to select the ideal color for your tailored suit.

Unveiling Your Chromatic Identity

  • The Skin Tone Spectrum: The odyssey towards discovering your perfect suit color commences with an exploration of your unique skin tone. Complexions are traditionally classified into three distinct realms: cool, warm, and neutral. Cool skin tones bear a bluish or pinkish undertone, while warm skin tones radiate a golden or yellowish hue. Neutral skin tones gracefully navigate the harmonious middle ground between these two chromatic spectrums.
  • Complementing the Cool Tones: Should your complexion reside within the cool spectrum, embrace shades that effortlessly complement your natural undertones. Navy, charcoal grey, and deep blues are excellent choices that will leave you appearing polished and impeccably put-together.
  • Enhancing Warm Radiance: For those blessed with warm skin tones, earthy tones such as olive green, rich brown, and tan can prove remarkably flattering, accentuating your natural radiance. Additionally, you may explore warmer shades of grey or blue to uncover your perfect chromatic companion.
  • Neutral Versatility: If you possess a neutral skin tone, you are fortunate to wield the enviable ability to seamlessly carry a wide array of colors, from cool greys and blues to warm browns and tans.

Occasion and Ambiance

  • Formal Elegance: When attending formal events or professional settings, ask your phuket suit tailor to gravitate towards classic colors such as navy, charcoal grey, or black. These timeless hues exude an air of sophistication and professionalism, ensuring you leave an indelible impression.
  • Casual Flair: If you find yourself attending a more relaxed event or simply wish to infuse a touch of personal flair into your ensemble, feel emboldened to explore more vivacious colors like burgundy, forest green, or even subtle plaid or pinstripe patterns.
  • Seasonal Harmony: The change in season can lead to a change in your color preferences as well. It’s always good to opt for lighter shades in summer weather like khaki, tan, or various other light colors, as they will give you that sense of freshness in this hot summer. And when the winter approaches go for colors like dark blue, cherry red, or charcoal. These kinds of colors will give you that refined look that is very much required according to the weather.

Complementing Your Sartorial Repertoire

When you are choosing a suit color, it is always crucial to harmonize with your existing wardrobe. If not, then you will going to face a big problem when it comes to matching shirts, ties, etc. And if you already have a matching wardrobe then it’s a big plus to have a great collection of shirts, ties and other accessories available in various color shades. So, select the suit color that will automatically complement these things, which together can give you the perfect look. 

For instance, if blues and greys prevail within your wardrobe, a navy or charcoal suit could be the perfect sartorial addition, effortlessly tying your ensemble together. Conversely, should you gravitate towards earthy tones, a rich brown or olive green suit might be the ideal conduit to cultivating a cohesive and stylish aesthetic.

Accentuating Your Features

Finally, consider how different colors can either accentuate or subtly downplay certain features. If your aim is to create a slimming effect, darker colors like black or navy can elongate your silhouette, fostering a sleek and streamlined appearance. Conversely, if you wish to draw attention to your face and features, lighter shades like light grey or tan can achieve this by brightening your complexion and creating a subtle, luminous glow. So, guide your best tailor in phuket accordingly regarding the color as well.


Choosing the best color for your custom suit is a special talent that requires very careful observation of your complexion, the event or surroundings, your current wardrobe, the latest trends and of course the foremost- your desired look as well.  By heeding these pivotal factors and collaborating with a renowned phuket suit tailor, revered as the best tailor in phuket, you can create a stunning, impeccably fitted suit that not only epitomizes sartorial elegance but also instills an unparalleled sense of confidence and leaves an indelible impression wherever you go. Embrace the transformative power of color harmony and unlock a new level of tailored suit perfection.

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