How Your QA Partner Can Help to Protect Against Cyber Attack?

Cyber attacks have become a reason for worry for most businesses; irrespective of their sizes. It can tear down any organization’s hard-earned reputation that was made over the years. And as the recent market study suggests, reputation with in-course is the most important criterion to maintain customers’ loyalty and onboard new customers in the present-day market volatility.

Apart from being a PR nightmare, security incidents can take organizations backward for many years. It is no wonder that the security of applications, systems, and websites should be of top priority for every organization across the globe. The recent incidents with the Government of Cuba and of course, much-publicized security leaks in Microsoft Solutions have brought to the fore how modern-day hackers are devising an innovative strategy to penetrate. As a result, organizations need to seek help from QA partners, with expertise in security testing, to remain agile in a threatening cybersecurity landscape.

Experienced QA partners through their wide experience and market understanding are able to devise new strategies to counter the existing threat landscape. However, before you choose a security testing service provider, it is imperative to check their reputation, certification, and the range of customers they have served successfully. Experienced security testing providers have expertise across industries. How does that matter? The security and compliance challenges of healthcare would be a bit different from those of financial services.

Similar is the instance between the public sector and technology organizations. An experienced security testing provider already has test cases prepared for a specific kind of application for a specific industry. additionally, through research, they are able to add new threat scenarios into the mix.

What does that mean? It means, your release is checked for basic security glitches as well as modern-day threats. Thus, keeping your application, systems and websites protected end-to-end.

What are the advantages of security testing by a QA Partner?

The main advantage of security testing is that it will find out all the potential threats that are existed in the application, system, or website before deployment. It will protect the devastating consequences like data breaches that eventually leads to the loss of customers’ credibility.

Software testing is a way to find out the errors or bugs that are in the program of the software and that stop or hamper the performance of the software. On the other hand, security testing finds out the application vulnerabilities and risk factors that may lead to sensitive and confidential data loss along with revenue and reputation.

Starting the security testing process at the beginning of requirement collecting and continuing through the design, testing, implementation, deployment, and support phases is the most advantageous course of action.

How QA Partner Will Help in Security Testing?

● The QA testing team will check and test the application, system, and website for all the potential and present vulnerabilities from a security standpoint. The QA team must continuously search for vulnerabilities in the program, system software, network, server-side as well as client-side application security.

● When the software is bug-free, then not only the risk of cyber attack is much lower but also it functions well. The security testing experts minutely check all the details while checking all the security risks that can add an extra layer of protection from cyber threats.

● The cost of fixing a security flaw after release is always higher than fixing it throughout the development period. The QA team with expertise in security testing can help the companies by identifying potential security threats in the early SDLC to save both time and money.

● Patching workstations, devices, and network hardware on a regular basis is a difficult task, but it must be done. These well-known vulnerabilities are used by hackers to spread trojans and ransomware. Many businesses find it difficult to keep up with all the available vulnerabilities. With the help of security testing services; the team can keep track of all the changes to take robust security measures.

● Most cyber-attacks happen following the recognized Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) method. The Security Testing Experts replicate the methodologies to create test attacks. Every successful case gives a deeper understanding of the risk points and vulnerabilities of the organization.

● There are some industry-specific as well as general laws; especially for financial organizations that every business must be compliant with like PSD2 and GDPR. A little slip can bring legal battles, remediations, and a hampered reputation. Cyber security testing is a way for businesses to maintain compliance.

Businesses should be fully equipped to handle hacking threats. Most security flaws are frequently the consequence of carelessness and mistakes. To lessen the risk of internal and external assaults, a combination of the appropriate skill sets and the proper usage of security testing automation framework and tools are required. Throughout the whole application lifecycle, a thorough security testing approach should be used to assess a number of supporting components, including operating systems, networks, and database systems.
For diversified business needs, make sure your digital asset is tested by the security testing experts that are providing services across industries and organization sizes.

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