What Is A Seagrass Mat, And What Are Its Specifications?

With the rise in the popularity of home decor among the general mass, the demand for elegant and sophisticated carpets and rugs is skyrocketing. Carpets and rugs have been around for many centuries but were limited to new use, which is not true nowadays. 

In this article, we will discuss one of the most popular, eco-friendly, fire-resistant carpet-the Seagrass.

Seagrass mats

Seagrass is a material that occurs naturally and can be used as a wall or floor covering. Astonishingly the seagrass mats have many creative applications for commercial and residential use.

Seagrass mats are not limited to uses whose prime focus is to gain a tropical vibe. It works with rustic or modern designs, depending on the finishing of the edges and seams.

Other than the great looks of the Natural Seagrass Matsa variety of features and specifications are associated with it.

Properties of the Seagrass

 Because of its high silicon content, it is non-flammable, which gives it an edge over sisal or other carpets of the same league. It’s a very long history of use in building decorations.

It’s a prime material used for housing insulation because it is highly effective when trapping heat or cold. It is also trendy amongst the mass due to its non-flammable properties. It is an ability that is very hard to replicate among natural materials.

Another valuable property of the Seagrass is that mats made from it are resistant to spills. All thanks to their natural growing habitat water.

Making the seagrass mats

All-natural Seagrass Mat is woven in a herringbone pattern. Mesh size with color variations ranging from batch to batch, as it is a natural product. Like all mats made up of vegetable fibers, fine weaving and shade irregularity are the common characteristics of seagrass mats, which in turnadd authenticity to the product.

Fading is uniform due to the direct exposure to sunlight, which resembles the tones of unfinished wood.

The reason behind seagrass mats use and it’s benefits to the environment 

It would help if you always bought seagrass mats from hand-picked manufacturers producing eco-friendly, high-quality natural architectural materials. The selection presented by them must be a dynamic list of options when considering the environment.

The prime advantage it makes towards the environment is from its foundations or, in some words, the material used to make it. The seagrass mats are made from Seagrass, a naturally occurring plant that makes the seagrass mats renewable and eco-friendly. This is the reason for their massive popularity amongst environment enthusiasts.

Is it for you?

If you’re interested in seagrass mats but need to decide if it is the road you need to take when carpeting your house. You can look out for its specifications concerning your requirements, such as:

  • Eco friendly
  • Natural occurring
  • Fire resistant etc

If the specifications comply with your requirements, you are good to go. If they don’t, look for other carpeting options and choose the best pick to your needs.

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