What are the Social Works of Chetan Rana

Chetan Rana is a dynamic personality. He has many diverse qualities that make him different from other people in the league. Besides growing his own company; he looks after social work in diverse sectors. There are so many fields in which Chetan Rana has proved his worth that people get inspired by that. 

Many people wonder what are the works that the man himself does. So, here are the details of all his social works and how he has made things beneficial for the people of the society. 

Social Works of Chetan Rana:

Chetan Rana does not confine himself to just one category of social work. He thinks that he can at least try to help people in as many possible ways as he can. From child social work to adult charity; his area of work includes every aspect. Let’s discuss the areas of his social work.

  • Woman Empowerment: Chetan Rana has done many good works for women’s empowerment. For example, he organizes occasional training and workshops to train the women in different hand works. From handicrafts to beautician courses, so that they can earn their living in a dignified way. He also contacts different NGOs and fair committees to sell the items. The woman empowerment works of Chetan Rana are so good that he recently got recognition for his work. 
  • Health Camp: Chetan Rana knows how important to stay healthy, especially for the lower belt of the society that does not have access to good health check-up facilities. For that reason, he occasionally organizes different types of health camps in the local villages and slums. Doctors of different specializations come to those camps and check-ups. Chetan Rana distributes health supplements and nutritious goods so that children and women get complete nutrition.   
  • Child Education: For Chetan Rana, education is a very important thing for the development of a child. Sadly, there are many bright children who don’t get the opportunity to carry forward their education. Chetan Rana helps them to continue their study. He organizes stipends and sponsorship for the kids. He distributes books and stationaries to the kids as well. He arranges free academic camps in a different location in Delhi and young people including Mr. Rana gives free classes.  
  • Sanitization: While visiting the slums and village areas, Chetan Rana feels that the sanitization system needs to improvise, for that reason, he arranges some local young people and builds different teams to look after the sanitization of the total area so that elderly people, women, and children don’t face any health hazards. 
  • Cloth Distribution: Chetan Rana, especially during winter arranges winter clothes to be distributed among the children, women, and people of different ages. He also arranges blankets to be distributed among the people who live on roadsides. It helps them to save from the chilling winter of Delhi. He also arranges clothes donations and distributes them among the poor people of the locality.  

Food Distribution: During the Pandemic, he regularly distributes food to the poor people who had no jobs at that time. He visited the slum areas often and look after the food requirements often.

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