Role of Google Glasses in Industrial Applications

In 2012, the inception of Google Glass was assumed to be a revolutionary innovation, but in reality, it did not perceive by the target end-users very well. However, it was not the end of this path-breaking smart wearable as it bounced back as web-enabled glass for industrial automation. 

Google Glass is now being used extensively to operate machinery where they need a hands-free operation. In the industrial environment, it is now a huge success as wearable computing. It comes with a head-up display that comes into the field of the vision of the person wearing it and keeps projecting the status, information, or messages on it. One can get online information or communicate via this innovative device. 

Apart from the display, Google Glass comes with a microphone to communicate, a camera to capture images, a bone conduction audio transducer that acts as the loudspeaker vibration sensor along with a touchpad. The features of this smart wearable include diagnostic, visualization, technical intervention, service purpose and in-person communication. To support the functionalities and customized them as per the requirement, there are various applications developed by the Google Glasses App Development.

 How is Google Glass used for Industrial Applications?

Different types of Google Glass apps are being developed to integrate functionalities like Augmented Reality and image recognition to display the machine specification. The user can also get error messages, and alarms, check power status and monitor speed and positions on the Glass display. They also have the ability to stream live video or capture & store images. 

Common Usages: Google glasses are used to monitor machines directly or indirectly. The users also use it to control, change or correct the action and status of the machine virtually. It also helps the operator to take required action on machinery as their hands are free. It also displays required information on the screen like documents of the machinery or any search result on the internet.

 Enhanced and Controlled Operations: Google Glass is an amazing option to enhance industrial operations. The screen comes with better readability and high-resolution vision. The no-touch control of Google Glass gives greater accessibility to the users as they can simply scroll the menu with the movements of the head, and use voice commands. 

Better Machine Security: Unlike other Google products that are using Google Cloud, Google Glass can be protected and embedded within the WLAN intranet of the organization to safeguard the standard procedure of IT. From the data protection point of view, Google Glass has the same safety aspect as the smartphone. 

Industries using Google Glass:

Though the use was Google Glass on the personal level is not popular, for many industries, it is a ‘game changer’. According to them, they can do the work 20% faster than before. The industries like healthcare, energy and entertainment are using Google Glass for an improved workforce. Apart from that, it has been used among autistic children to recognize their emotions. Google Glass has replaced the tablets during the training session for the new employees in those industries. Many applications are designed and developed to add new functionalities as per the industry’s needs. With the support of custom-built apps; one can get more information on time.  

Bottom Line:

In industrial applications, we can say that Google Glass is perfect for those people who are looking for hands-free computing assistance. Many people expressed that they don’t need to leave their work area just to check the computer. They can easily scan QR codes or serial numbers, take images, and get all the required information just with voice commands. With the help of Google Glasses App Development, one can enhance and customize the functionalities.   

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